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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Computer Business Lenovo Adds Yet Another Dell Executive to Its Ranks

Computer business Lenovo recently hired yet another Dell executive. In a mere eight days, the Chinese computer business and world’s biggest computer maker has hired four executives from Dell, increasing the competition between the two companies.

The latest Lenovo recruit is Christopher J. Askew, former vice president of Dell. He will be senior vice president in charge of the service department at computer business Lenovo. In his previous position with Dell he was in charge of service in the Asia-Pacific region and Japan.

On August 17, Lenovo stated that David Miller, previously president of Dell China would be president of the computer business’ Asia Pacific operations. Miller is also a senior vice president of Lenovo and will base his work in Singapore. Other recruits include Sotaro Amanoas, president of Lenovo Japan and formerly vice president of Dell’s home and business sales division in Japan and David Schmoock, vice president in charge of the all new centre of excellence on market evaluation and strategy.

The addition to computer business Lenovo of these four senior executives is a bold move by CEO of Lenovo William Amelio and is said to be a move to improve business in the Asia-Pacific Region. Amelio was hired by Lenovo as a replacement for Stephen Ward last December. Ward was an executive with the company for just eight months.

Lenovo’s latest sales figures were reported at $3.5 billion, 38 percent higher than the same period from last year.

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