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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are You a Generalist or Are You in a Niche Market?

Niche markets are a good way for you to build a marketing strategy through targeted groups of clients. However, often consultants think about specializing in a specific product or service when imagining niche markets. Niche markets don’t only mean one-product or one-service specialties, but also targeting a specific industry of client type.


Niche market and generalist, while seemingly opposite entities can actually work together. You should not attempt to please everyone, but you can focus on providing generalized services to a certain type of client. Being part of a niche market and being a generalist are two complimentary strategies when you market yourself as the main contact for a very targeted client group.

Don’t invest a lot of money at the beginning in certifications, tests and preparation. You need to instead focus on cultivating contacts that will pay you. If you already have a specialized skill set, don’t set your mind on a narrow niche market until you know how well you can do within that market.

As time progresses you will notice that paying clients have things in common, so you will be able to prepare for a very specific set of needs. These needs will be the key to you discovering your ideal niche market. The key is to get clients first, then look for trends that will lead to opportunities for niche markets.

Creating a very specific niche market is not always the best way to grow your computer consulting business. If you define your niche market through your clients rather than through your services you will give yourself a better chance of creating a strong client base and evolving the appropriate and more profitable niche market for you.

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