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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ideas for Direct Mail and IT Marketing

Whether your IT marketing plan is to do a letter, a flyer mailer, a large postcard or a simple standard postcard, you need your headline to be eye-catching. The message of your direct mailing also needs to be stunning and communicate your purpose and address the needs of the targets of your mailing.


You need to speak to the niche of your target audience and emphasize the benefits to members. You need to communicate how your computer consulting company can provide real benefits for clients, such as value and return on investments. If you can communicate this idea from the very beginning, you will captivate their attention and get them interested in hearing the rest of what you have to offer in your direct mailing item.

You may get target clients to request a free tape, report, consultation or free needs analysis, but you have to know their needs before you can tap into what message will make them want to ask for more information.


Your direct mail pieces should be very focused on benefits and not on yourself and your company. You need to speak about customers and their specific problems and not how impressive your services are. Potential customers will not care about your certifications or your vendor partners. Many will not even know anything about specific products or companies in the IT industry.

Because potential customers care about their own problems and what can do to solve it, you need to focus on benefits in your advertisement. If you are unsure, get a third-party who is objective to give you feedback before sending out your direct mailing.

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