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Monday, September 11, 2006

Computer Consulting and Information Overload

One of the biggest issues in computer consulting is information overload, because you will probably have technological information flying at you constantly from many different places. With overwhelming amounts of new technology, you may find it difficult to weed out the important facts and figures.

Because many of your clients are small businesses, they will be lagging behind on the latest technology, and much of your information overload will not concern them. You can focus on business development needs rather than keeping up with a majority of your clients.


Most of the excessive information you will get from print magazines. You shouldn’t pay attention to about 90 percent of your print magazine subscriptions for three to six months at a time, because your hours are precious.

Instead of reading magazines, go out to two or more networking events. The time spent will be similar, and networking events could help you find two $1,000 a month clients. Plus, networking events will not cause information overload.


To decrease information overload, only subscribe to two print magazines. Most of what you will need to know to keep abreast of the latest technology and important items in small business consulting can be found in CRN and VAR Business. CRN is a weekly online free subscription based in the U.S., but available in other markets. VAR Business comes out on a bi-weekly basis.

Browsing through these publications for no more than half an hour a week will almost completely get rid of information overload. These publications are good at filtering and tie in advancements to development and business.

Because of the extreme amount of technology information coming out constantly, information overload can be hard to take. Limit your subscriptions and the material you read to cut off information overload at its source.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg