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Monday, September 11, 2006

Using Testimonials as Part of IT Marketing

Testimonials can really help sell your services in IT marketing. This article explores how you can use testimonials to enhance and grow your business.


In order for testimonials to appear credible and believable, they have to be real and have a real first name, last name, job title company name and city and state attached to them at a bare minimum. Your prospective client will know when seeing this information available that you are serious about your consulting business.

Prospective customers will believe other clients more than your own claims. Good words from third parties without a direct interest in your business will be more trustworthy than your own IT marketing and sales items.


Your testimonials should zone in on benefits of your business and should be written on client letterhead. Testimonials need to tell prospects how your company has helped over a length of time, discussing investment returns, reliability and dependability of your service and your response time. Additionally they need to talk about how you are there in case of emergency, understand their specific business needs and fit within their budget and time requirements.


You may wonder how you can get clients to give you testimonials. The best way is to complete the following process:

1. Interview clients and guide them through very specific questions.

2. Send them pre-drafted testimonials and e-mail it, asking them to simply review, edit and approve them and put them on company letterhead.

3. Give them five or six bullet points set up as a survey, as a suggestion for points to include in testimonials.

4. Take clients to breakfast and conduct an interview. Take notes and type up a testimonial based on the conversation, the simply have them review the materials and put it on their letterhead with a signature.

The key to getting good IT marketing testimonials is to make the process as easy as possible for clients.

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