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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Computer Consulting: The Importance of Proving Ground Projects -- Test the Waters

Proving ground projects can be a great way to test a potential computer consulting client relationship, and are in fact absolutely critical before you sign any long-term contracts.


The definition of proving ground projects is the initial projects completed by computer consulting firms with customers that are not yet clients or steady clients. During proving ground projects, consultants are working to show the customer that they are knowledgeable, dependable and easy-to-work with and can provide valuable services. On the flip side, proving ground projects help customers prove to consultants that they have the right attitude and expectations, a compatible personality and are willing to pay for services at the going rate.


If things go well during the process of carrying out computer consulting proving ground projects, you will be on your way to steady clients. However, many times you may get lax about interviewing the client when trying to complete proving ground projects well, and you could end up missing some warning signs that lead to a bad client. Warning signs include the following signals: clients change their minds often; clients are late for meetings; clients verbally abuse their own employees; clients don’t think the rules are meant for them.

The key to computer consulting proving ground projects is not to rush into a new relationship with a client until you have fully assessed the situation. Proving ground projects provide both sides of the equation with the right expectations.

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