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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Computer Resellers: Active Voice Commences New Product Upgrade Program with Benefits

Member of the computer resellers industry, Active Voice, LLC, provider of voice messaging, communications and speech solutions throughout the world announced a program for current customers that would allow them to upgrade specific Repartee-brand voice mail systems and other Repartee products. This upgrade program from these computer resellers involves the Repartee OS/2, Replay and Replay plus voicemail systems and is called the “Repartee Hot Swap PLUS.” These upgrade packages include new Dell™ PowerEdge™ SC430 servers, 25 free messaging licenses and the latest Active Voice’s Repartee for Windows or Repartee LX unified messaging software.

Seattle-based member of the computer resellers channel Active Voice is a subsidiary of NEC Unified Solutions and has offices in the United States, Australia and the Netherlands. The company is excited about this program for loyal customers and considers it a reward for those that have made an investment in the company and its products. Because many organizations have to carefully plot their communications strategy in a competitive and advanced technological workplace, the company strives to provide cost-effective solutions that will be easily integrated into any business. The company is encouraging Repartee customers to contact local representatives from the computer resellers industry to help take advantage of the program. Orders have to be received before December 31, 2006 to qualify for this beneficial program.

Many communications systems are currently reaching the end of their life cycle, no longer sufficient for new requirements. Heads of corporations are beginning to reevaluate their communications plans and figuring out what fits best with changing and growing infrastructure. New Repartee products promise to provide the most sophisticated messaging features and are compatible with most existing networks.

Systems for both large enterprise customers and small business customers are available. For more information about the benefits of this program, see the attached link.

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