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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

IT Consulting Firms Concise Group and Brains Direct Join Forces and Become Endava

On Monday, IT consulting and services firm Concise Group solidified a partnership with IT services company Brains Direct, based in Eastern Europe. The two IT consulting organizations will become one focused services firm that will zero in on domain-focused technology consulting, systems implementation and managed services to financial, technology, media and telecommunications industries. This new UK-based and owned company is called Endava.

IT consulting firm Endava will incorporate Concise’s knowledge of domain and implementation in the areas of IT architecture, systems integration, security and managed services with Brains’ cost effective software development.

The new IT consulting firm is based on the market demand for a company that offers domain-focused services along with locations in offshore areas such as Eastern Europe, where there is a renowned technical education expertise and a track record for achievement in technological fields. Because Concise and Brains have worked in conjunction previously, the two companies blending into one IT consulting entity will be a positive and smooth transition for customers of both previous businesses. The new IT consulting organization has over 250 employees and a value of over $20 million.

The merger will be completed over the course of the next 18 months.

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