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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

IT Sales: How to Bring Prospects from Free to Fee

During the initial IT sales consultation, you will probably asked to look at one of the prospect’s pieces of hardware or software. They may ask you to “just take a look” at a router or a computer. If a client asks you to do something for free, consider the following issues.


You may assess the situation and think that a few minutes of your time spent looking at something quickly can’t do any harm. However, you might get more involved and find out you can’t work your way out of a bigger issue. Then you find that you are in the middle of a paying project for a problem you may have helped cause before the prospect has even signed on for IT sales.


You need to use extreme caution when sitting down at a PC or touching anything within a prospect’s office. Your goal with the initial IT sales consultation is to get a sale, not do something for free. Even when you are specifically doing a tech assessment, make sure you are doing low-risk exploratory work so you don’t end up breaking something and being responsible.

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