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Monday, October 23, 2006

Getting New Clients During IT Business Start-Up

Starting a fresh IT business can be very challenging. Customers rarely come calling without effort, and you will most likely not get first clients that will become long-term, sweet spot clients.

When you start a new business, you won’t have a complete business foundation, and your clientele will be made up of stepping-stone clients. These people will bring in early revenue and help you get your first positive business testimonials.

Six months after IT business start-up, you need to be selective about the clients you get. Earlier, accounts will be smaller than you might like, but you still need to be confident that these early stepping-stone clients will eventually give way to ideal sweet spot clients.

Expect to work with the following items during IT business start-up: LAN audits; MCSC tutoring; training seminars; small peer-to-peer jobs; upgrades; PC tune-ups; some web design; optimization and trouble-shooting with customers.

During IT business start-up, your personal and business network are absolutely critical. Contacts will refer you to small jobs, and as you complete these small jobs well your services will become more widely-known. More referral business will start coming in soon after you start your new business.

Don’t ignore any potential customers during IT business start-up, and don’t get discouraged. IT business start-up is an exercise in patience and perseverance, and any of your small jobs could lead to something larger and more valuable.

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