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Saturday, October 07, 2006

What Promotion Tools Are Most Effective?

There are many different types of promotion tools and each has its own price and effectiveness rate. No matter how different the promotion tools are, they all are designed to promote your business and make your name known.

There are varying degrees of effectiveness for promotion tools; some work really well, some work most of the time and some just don’t work at all. Before you choose a promotion tool for your business, you need to analyze each one carefully.


The following questions will help you figure out which promotion tools are viable:

1. Where will you be promoting and adverising?

2. How will the promotion tool you use get to the market? Will you use e-mails, postcards, organizational membership or something else?

3. Can the promotion tool showcase how unique you and your services are? How can you be unique and stand out above your competitors without spending a lot of money?

When weighing the pros and cons of specific promotion tools, use your creativity. If you choose an obvious promotion tool, you will get predictable and probably boring results. Take a risk by choosing a promotion tool that sets you apart from the rest, over one that just shows how well you follow rules.


1. Involving yourself in organizations;

2. Becoming the expert technology person on a panel of business leaders;

3. Becoming the preferred provider for a high-profile, well-respected company.

Just remember that not all promotion tools will have the same results. As a business owner, you need to choose those that showcase your specific skills and uniqueness and set you apart from the huge crowd.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg