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Saturday, November 04, 2006

IT Consulting Services and the Importance of Fulfilling Client Needs

Because there are many different IT consulting services, when you are first starting out you may have difficulty figuring out which to offer. You might wonder if you are supposed to sell what you know, what is trendy or what you think people might want.

The key to discovering which IT consulting services you should sell and which products you need in order to offer appropriate support is presenting prospects with the IT consulting services they absolutely need.

While this concept might seem obvious, usually start-ups make the mistake of offering what clients want rather than what they need. The IT consulting services a business owner would like to have are not always the ones they really need in order to function. You need to sell prospects the IT consulting services that are needed right now so they can keep running efficiently. Once you set up a basic framework, you can handle wants.

When you have non-technical business owners or managers, their needs might be simple. If they think they might need IT consulting services to fix basic performance problems, provide them. Once you prove you know your stuff, you can try to sell them the IT consulting services you know they need to get to the next level of performance. Take care of aches and pains first, then sell more sophisticated solutions.

When you think about the IT consulting services you want to offer, put yourself in prospects’ shoes. Separate needs from wants, and remember that surface needs, while seemingly simple to you, are important to prospects and must be addressed. Offer IT consulting services that are a mixture of basic and long-term and you can become an asset to a small business.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg