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Monday, November 06, 2006

Business Contact Information and Tracking Strategies

You need business contact information in order to qualify clients. During this pre-qualification process you need to be looking for very specific business contact information and track it.

Get Business Contact Information

Each prospect file needs to have a list of business contact information. No matter you get it, you need to get it. Phone calls and web site information request forms are two great ways to get the business contact information you need; forms such as these can be printed out and e-mailed or faxed to you. This information is necessary before you go on a sales call.

What Business Contact Information Do You Need?

1) Contact information; 2) URL of the web site; 3) the industry of the business; 4) the number of employees; 5) the number of locations; 6) number of computer users; 7) number of desktops; 8) number of laptops; 9) quantity of servers; 10) brand of PCs; 11) most used and most important software application; 12) which versions of Windows and Office are used; 13) whether the prospects use NetWare, Linux or Unix; 14) whether the system used is host-based; 15) a definition of their top 5 computer problems, listed in descending order; 16) current PC and tech support resources of the prospect; 17) how the prospect first heard about your business.

All this business contact information can help you get a good handle on prospect needs. You can then analyze whether or not the business is right for your sweet spot and make sure the size of the company is right and that it uses compatible hardware and software systems.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg