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Monday, November 20, 2006

What Type of Computer Business Software Should You Be Purchasing?

Deciding on the right computer business software can overwhelm even the most savvy network consultants. There are a lot of good products, and deciding which ones you want to spend time and money on can be a real challenge.

The main point with computer business software is that you want to expand capabilities without spending too much time or money on products, particularly before you know there is a market for them. Computer business software is a real investment, so you need to exercise care when selecting the right programs and packages for your clients.

Attract the Sweet Spot Clients

You want to think about whether the business computer software you purchase will be attractive to sweet spot clients. If you invest time learning this and a few hundred dollars on training, you want to know you will make this money back.

Recommended Computer Business Software Products

Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) and Novell’s Small Business Suite are two highly recommended computer business software products that can add value to a business.


1. Both computer business software products are inexpensive to purchase.

2. You will not need to spend a great deal of money to get a not-for-resale copy or a demo model of these computer business software products to help you learn.

3. Both these products give you most of what you need for just a few hundred dollars.

4. Both types of computer business software will only take about eight to ten hours of installing, breaking and reinstalling in order to learn.

How to Choose Computer Business Software

Just pick one of these two products rather than trying to support both in the beginning. Unless you are really strong with Windows and Netware, you won’t want to attempt to support both right away. Whatever you choose, you can use the computer business software to run your own business until you feel comfortable enough to do start installing for clients.

Computer business software is an investment, so you need to know, whatever type you choose, that you will be able to recover and make a return on the time and money spent learning and implementing.

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