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Saturday, November 18, 2006

IT Services Outsourcing: It's What You Need Most When You Don't Know It All

IT services outsourcing is what you will have to be prepared to do when prospects ask for products and services you can't provide. New business owners often try to do and know everything; but one of the benefits of being part of the computer industry is having access to a large pool of people to use for IT outsourcing.

When you first start your own company, you need to focus on getting business and spend significant time on networking and relationship marketing, which means you can't offer everything to everyone.

Rely on IT Services Outsourcing

IT services outsourcing will give you time to do marketing and networking activities essential to the future growth of your business. You don't have enough time to learn everything you may be asked to offer, but you don't want to lose relationships either.

So what do you do?

Two Choices With IT Services Outsourcing:

1. Referral relationships with other niche technology providers in your area;

2. Partnerships and subcontractor relationships.

The fastest way to set up your IT services outsourcing is to set up one of these two choices as part of your business. As you start to get a lot of requests for the same types of IT services you should probably think about learning the skills so you can offer them in-house. When there is a large enough demand, the time and financial investment will be worth it. Until then, use IT outsourcing to manage your time and get business done efficiently.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg