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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Overcome Client Objections by Making the Client Do the Work

In order to overcome client objections, you need to ask specific questions to lead them to the decision that an IT audit is in their best interest. By giving the power to the client, you are making him/her the way to overcome client objections.

You need to get your clients to see how important your solution is when overcoming objections. This is achieved by asking questions that will make them see on their own the importance of IT audits to their businesses.

A Series of Questions to Ask to Overcome Objections

1. When were the majority of your systems installed?

2. How long ago were your systems installed and who installed them?

3. Is the person that installed your systems still working with you for maintenance?

The above questions will get clients thinking about overcoming their objections. They will realize the actual length of time that has passed since the systems were installed and might even realize they haven’t been very diligent about maintenance.

More Questions to Help Overcome Client Objections: Maintenance

1. What kind of maintenance do you receive and how often is it completed?

2. Do you have a log that tracks maintenance activities and support requests?

3. Do you have a history of support of copies of previous invoices for support?

Typically, these questions will make clients realize how disorganized they have been about keeping track of maintenance for important equipment and systems.

The Final Stage of Overcoming Client Objections

To overcome client objections and sell your services, you need to ask about the number of people that have been involved with the system throughout its history. A typical sweet spot small business client will typically have had three to five different companies involved in support over the past few years. A lack of centralized, single support will mean extreme disorganization of paperwork and will make the final stage of overcoming client objections easy.

If you can make the client think he/she has control over the destiny of his business with IT audits, you will be successful at overcoming client objections. The client will be more likely to fully understand the need to have regular organized IT support if he/she can see the benefits and errors of past ways.

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