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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Computer Service Contracts Can Provide Benefits to All Your Clients

Computer service contracts can provide as many benefits to your client as they can to you. Part of your job as a computer consulting professional is to inform clients about the many benefits to them of computer service contracts. If you can clarify benefits of computer service contracts, you can get clients to sign up for them.

Benefits to Clients of Signing Computer Service Contracts

1. Computer service contracts give clients dependable and consistent service when they need it. A computer service contract is an insurance policy that allows you to cover important needs and provide peace of mind.

2. Clients involved in computer service contracts own part of your business. While you are shared amongst many other local businesses, each client can count on you as he/she would a technology staff member.

3. Nothing gives a client peace of mind like a computer service contract. Computer service contracts commit you to a long-term availability for a long period of time.

4. Computer service contracts allow you to offer discounted hourly billing rates and waive premiums, surcharges and fees to offer lower billing minimums to clients.

5. Clients involved in computer service contracts get priority in terms of response time and scheduling.

6. Computer service contracts allow clients to get a range of virtual IT services and perks you are able to offer because of your relationships with other businesses in the area. Long-term loyal clients will get special benefits.

Computer service contracts present endless opportunities for both you and your clients and require no hard selling. If you present information clearly to clients, the benefits of computer service contracts will be obvious.

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