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Monday, January 15, 2007

When is the Right Time to Sell IT Audits and How Do You Do It?

IT audits can offer additional revenue for a systems integration business. Many times professionals in the IT industry think that IT audits are hard to sell. However, two situations can be very conducive to selling IT audits.

Times to Offer IT Audits

1. When a prospect is looking for a new vendor. If a prospect wants to replace a technology provider or replace a vacancy you can sell IT audits fairly easily. Prospects may have had a falling out with someone or had a bad experience that has led them to seek help and support elsewhere. In this situation your prospect probably is not clear on his/her wants needs, and an IT audit can help clarify both. IT audits help you start anew and determine the best approach for a company’s specific IT needs. You already know the prospect is willing to pay for the IT audit because he/she has already paid for IT services in the past. IT audits are merely a natural part of your services.

2. When you’ve just successfully managed a crisis. If you’ve just finished saving the day for a company, you are in a good position to sell IT audits. The customer already thinks you’re great and has shown you that he/she can pay for IT services and is willing to do so. IT audits give you and the new customer a long-term plan. The suggestions will make sense and the customer will be willing to accept your solutions no matter what they cost. An IT audit acts as a tool to get to more long-term services.

IT audits are easy to sell if you offer them at the right time. When people want to replace a provider or have just been led through an emergency, they will be most likely to accept you as a systems expert.

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