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Monday, January 08, 2007

When Starting a New Business, What People Do You Tell, and in What Way?

The process of starting a new business is difficult, and finding paying clients can be a real challenge. No one will know you are starting a new business if you don’t announce it to them, so you have to start spreading the word immediately.

Tips for Telling the Community about Your New Business

1. Get at least 50 people on your contact list to tell.

2. Start with family members not in your immediate family, including cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nephews, sister in-laws, etc.

3. Tell people in your immediate circle of friends you are starting a new business.

4. Think about where you spend your money. The people you should tell you are starting a new business should ideally be those capable of returning the favor. Look at your credit card statements and bank statements and think about people you send money to on a personal basis each month: accountants; attorneys; cleaning services; babysitters; contractors; doctors; dentists; hairdressers; repair people; insurance agents; tutors; veterinarians.

5. Your list will be longer than the above, but these tips can help you get a start on the number of people you need to tell you are starting a new business.

6. Each time you do business with companies that give you a direct contact with an owner, manager or other major decision-maker tell these people personally you are starting a new business. Visit them, call them or send them an email.

7. When you pay a bill to a local company, include a business card to efficiently tell them you are starting a new business.

8. When you get phone solicitations, don’t let the caller go. Tell the person you don’t need their services at the moment, but that you will hold onto information. Then tell them you are starting a new business and try to get a referral.

When starting a new business you need to be prepared to state your presence in the community loudly. Think of everyone you know and begin the process of telling each person about your new business.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg