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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Computer Consulting Kit and Oxford Computers

Professionals within the IT industry are implementing the concepts of the Computer Consulting Kit to improve their businesses and become true technology partners to clients. Thanks to the Computer Consulting Kit, consultants at all levels are becoming acquainted with their strengths and weaknesses and learning how to focus their energy to best serve the needs of small businesses and build partnerships with both clients and other specialists.

The Computer Consulting Kit: Stratos Parisiou and Oxford Computers

Stratos Parisiou is an IT consultant based in Broomall, Pennsylvania that has learned how to capitalize on the relationship between the client and the consultant. By viewing all his relationships with customers and clients as true partnerships, he has been able to build a positive reputation within his community and grow his business. By creating a clearly defined standard for all his relationships with clients and technology partners, Stratos has made his work more efficient and improved the quality of the solutions and services presented by his company, Oxford Computers.

“I have created partnerships that allow me to focus on my strong points and become a resource to my clients. When a client has a problem with networks, my experience allows me to maximize my productivity by spending as little time as needed to fix the problem.

When the problem is database related, I make a phone call to my database partner and meet her onsite. Again, I maximize productivity by spending as little time as possible to find a solution to the problem. After reading through the material in the Computer Consulting Kit and attending the conference calls, I have realized that I am spending too much time trying to learn unknown technologies at the elementary level. Now, I focus on the customer relationship and allow the specialists to do their work.”

The Bottom Line About the Computer Consulting Kit and Partnerships

Stratos Parisiou uses the clear concepts of the Computer Consulting Kit to get the most out of partnerships with clients and other technology providers and specialists. Many other computer consultants are following suit and adopting the best practices and principles of the Computer Consulting Kit to create highly sophisticated solutions and improve efficiency.

Created By: Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit