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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Computer Consulting Kit: Harold L. Bates and Robotics 1

Computer consultants that want to get the most out of their businesses are quickly realizing the benefits of the Computer Consulting Kit.

During start-up, those looking to create a community presence and get new clients through targeted marketing techniques and lead generation might find the process overwhelming while juggling the many administrative duties, billable hours and the sales process. The Computer Consulting Kit provides clearly laid-out tips and templates for computer consultants to help make the time spent on activities involved with their businesses as efficient as possible.

The Computer Consulting Kit in Vestal, New York

Like so many other computer consultants, Harold L. Bates faced challenges when starting his computer consulting business, Robotics 1. He came from a full-time job with a predictable salary and was concerned about his ability to stay afloat at the beginning and make a profit.

He used the Computer Consulting Kit as a guidepost to help lead him through the first few months in business and was able to succeed and create a real future with high quality clients and a competitive spot in the industry:

“The Computer Consulting Kit helped me earn an extra $5,000 in revenue this past year. I started my business from zero on June 1st, 2006 and was able to match what I was making as a network administrator after three months of being in business for myself.

I am really proud of the fact that the prognosis looks good and I am going to be able to stay in business. The Computer Consulting Kit gave me a direction! It also gave me the key words to use when speaking with new clients. I am going to refer to it again an again as I gain more experience and presence in the marketplace.”

The Bottom Line About the Computer Consulting Kit

The templates and best practice tips provided by the Computer Consulting Kit has given Harold L. Bates and other IT and computer consultants the guidance needed to start a viable services business. Join the many consultants learning how to implement the techniques laid out by the Computer Consulting Kit into their businesses by clicking the link provided. You can also get free tips and other resources.

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