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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Computer Consulting Kit in Practice: Worldian Technology, LLC in Ohio

The Computer Consulting Kit offers practical advice for those in the IT services industry hoping to grow their businesses and revenue. Many professionals have used the Computer Consulting Kit as a road map to guide them through IT marketing and sales strategies, how to manage relationships with clients and how to juggle administrative tasks with billable work to best use their time.

The Computer Consulting Kit: Randy Hall of Worldian Technology, LLC

Randy Hall is the owner of Worldian Technology, LLC, a computer consulting business based in Medina Ohio. Before discovering the Computer Consulting Kit, like so many others in the IT field he found himself inundated with occasional customers and struggling to make ends meet.

“I was able to move 92% of my clients from being reactive ‘Break/Fix’ clients to full Managed Services clients. On the first of every month, our accounts receivable increases dramatically. Cash flow has never been better, I have never made more money and OUR CLIENTS HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER.”

“The Computer Consulting Kit got me started on the right road, and its advice helped me to identify and separate the losers from the winners and taught me how to move some of the borderline losers to the Winners’ Circle.”

The Bottom Line About the Computer Consulting Kit and Service Contracts

The Computer Consulting Kit offers advice for consultants like Randy Hall looking to eliminate the hassle of occasional, break/fix clients and fill their client roster with high-paying, steady service contract clients. Join the consultants worldwide that are unlocking the potential of their IT services businesses with the Computer Consulting Kit.

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