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Saturday, April 07, 2007

IT Sales: Go Beyond the Initial Call

The initial IT sales call is mainly an opportunity to qualify a lead. By qualifying leads you save time before getting really involved in the IT sales process and move more quickly onto the next step.

No Games of “20 Questions”

Often during an initial IT sales conversation, prospects will ask a lot of interview questions. If you don’t know how to cut them off, you will find yourself without the chance to ask prospects important questions about their needs to gauge the fitness of the relationship.

Cut the prospect off during the initial IT sales call after you’ve taken some notes describing their problems and urge the prospect to talk to you about the next step. Start this process as soon as you’ve finished your IT sales presentation, and suggest the next step of having a technician return for a site survey.

The Next Step of IT Sales: A Site Survey

A site survey helps you inventory problems and prioritize. You and the prospect can use this part of the IT sales process to help decide what will come first, second, third and so-on.

The site survey will include a report that tracks everything from their security to software licensing and data protection.

Make sure to cut off prospects before questions get out of hand as part of the IT sales process and have a better shot at getting to the next steps.

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