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Monday, April 09, 2007

PC Troubleshooting Advice from Computer Consulting 101

Small businesses benefit from the help of local computer consulting companies to handle major computer problems. However, many simple computer problems can be dealt with easily and without the help of a computer consulting professional. Computer Consulting 101 provides the following advice for small business owners and employees: when encountering a computer problem, simply reboot.

This may seem like overly simple advice, but those at Computer Consulting 101 have found that users often forget about it in the midst of panic. And rebooting can save valuable time and dollars spent on computer consulting advice that could be better used for serious issues that crop up in the future.

Computer Consulting 101: The Rebooting Process

1. Exit out of all files and programs.

2. Go through a standard shutdown and restart sequence to reboot.

If your computer problem is related to hardware such as network cards, modems, a mouse, keyboards or sound cards, you can add the following sequence to your reboot before calling computer consulting professionals:

1. Go to the start menu.

2. Shut down your PC.

3. Turn the power off for a minute or more, if your computer did not shut itself down.

4. Turn your PC back on and see if the problem fixed itself.

The Bottom Line About Rebooting from Computer Consulting 101

About 10-20 percent of the time computer problems can be solved with a simple reboot. Take the advice from Computer Consulting 101 and always reboot your PC before calling in for help from professionals.

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