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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Write an IT Sales Letter That Emphasizes Benefits

Regardless of your niche as a computer consultant, you need an IT sales letter that emphasizes benefits. This type of letter can improve IT sales and IT marketing techniques.

Use Long Sales Letters to Achieve the Following Results:

1. The creation of a sense of urgency;

2. A better-stirred “pot;”

3. Leads and prospects that take action;

4. The story of the pain of what will happen to prospects when they neglect the right data security;

5. Presentation of the joy of increased productivity in small businesses;

6. An explanation for prospects of reasons they should want to grow their company 150% to 200% without adding a lot more staff.

Long IT sales letters can convey these points and more, so don’t fear them.

IT Sales Letters: Writing to Painful Points

If you aren’t well-versed in writing IT sales letters, you may consider hiring a marketing consultant or a freelance copywriter to design them for you. Regardless of who writes your letter, you need it to address points of pain for your prospects, which means knowing what these points of pain are.

IT Sales Letters: Offer Something Limited, but Free

Offering something of value to prospects for free – like a free one-hour needs assessment r a white paper – with a specific deadline attached can generate good demand with IT sales letters. Make sure you limit your freebies to a certain number of respondents.

IT Sales Letters: Illustrate Your Expertise

If you are seen as an IT expert for a niche industry, your IT sales letters and marketing efforts will be more well-received by prospects. Your knowledge should be in the headline and repeated throughout the letter. You are offering something relevant to small businesses, and they should be interested. Talk about what you have done for other firms like theirs by including testimonials or other elements and talk about general trends and problems you notice within the specialty industry.

IT Sales Letters

An IT sales letter is designed to move your prospect into paying for services. Move them into an IT audit and the next step of the IT sales process with a benefits-focused letter.

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