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Saturday, May 19, 2007

IT Sales: Stress What Makes You Unique to Prospects and Clients

If you want to increase your IT sales successes, you have to show your clients and prospects that your benefits are different from everyone else’s.

IT Sales and Benefits: An Example

Let’s say you move to a new location in a 27-story building that houses a lot of high-end firms. There are other similar buildings in the neighborhood, and you may wonder if you should capitalize on the closeness.

The truth is, the presence of other firms can help you own the whole area. Your unique benefit is that you are right there, and you can get things done more quickly and better and cheaper than another person that is not there.

IT Sales: Sell Your Own Uniqueness

When you are selling your service agreements, you can lead into it by giving a guaranteed response time. Because you are right in the neighborhood, you can make blatant promises that you can be at their offices within 60 minutes in the case of a downed server or other emergency that happens during regular business hours. Further bolster your guarantee with $100 off your bill that month if you are at all late.

If you can get a large number of clients in the immediate area, and your staff is right there, the atmosphere becomes like a corporate campus and IT sales become easier. There is no travel time, and staff utilization rates can be higher than normal.

IT Sales: How Do You Find the Best Businesses?

In order to locate these businesses, do a survey. Mail something out to every decision maker in your building and those adjacent. The survey should ask questions such as the following questions:

1. How many PCs do you have?

2. How many employees do you have?

3. How do you get your IT support right now, and what do you like and dislike about it?

4. What is your biggest current business challenge, and what is your biggest current IT challenge?

The survey leading up to IT sales is just a means to get a response and gauge interest. A survey with basic questions should get a good response rate. Response generation should be as easy as going to the local coffee shop and meeting the regulars and people that go in and out of local offices regularly.

IT Sales is About Getting to Know People

You should get to know local shoe repair shops, food delivery people, mail carriers and UPS and FedEx drivers. You should get to know people that know your IT sales targets so you can network yourself into offices within the area.

IT Sales: The Big Idea

Take advantage of location and sell based on a guarantee to develop your brand and get more IT sales.

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