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Monday, May 14, 2007

IT Consulting and Trends of the Seasons

Those in IT consulting need to know about seasonal selling trends. You cannot expect someone to make a huge decision for an IT project during the following times unless it is an emergency: late summer; during the holidays.

IT Consulting: Stay Away from Standard Vacation Times

If you are running an IT consulting business you need to remember that most people will be vacationing off and on between early July and Labor Day, so you should not expect major IT purchases or decisions during this time. Therefore, if you have a lot of IT consulting leads in the winter and early spring, follow up in April, May and June.

IT Consulting: With Promotion of your Business, Timing is Everything

You should concentrate marketing and sales efforts in the fall, from Labor Day in early September until around Thanksgiving in November. These weeks are the key time to follow up on all IT consulting leads, hit the streets and go on a lot of sales calls so you can generate proposals and try to get big project commitments.

IT Consulting: No Commitment During the Holidays

In around mid- to late November, you will have a hard time getting people to agree to major IT consulting projects until after January 1st unless they have emergencies. Usually, they will object to sales by telling you your proposals sound great, but that they won’t be ready until after the 1st of the year.

IT Consulting: Seasonal Selling Trends Main Ideas

Be aware of the trends of the different seasons and use the information to plan the efforts of your IT consulting firm.

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