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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Find the Right Computer Consulting Clients as Part of Startup

During the startup phase of your computer consulting business – even if you just have very basic technical support skills – you need to get paying clients that fit your style and expertise.

Computer Consulting Clients to Pursue First

Start your business by working with home offices and small businesses and companies that just have simple peer-to-peer networks. This will give you a chance to get paying clients and reference accounts to grow your company.

One-Shot Deals Should be Gateways

You can use one-shot deals to start your computer consulting business, but you will need to get beyond that. Your successful business will need recurring revenue and agreements with clients, along with advanced dedicated server solutions. You can take on small one-shot deal accounts, but you will need to make the goal the development of relationships with long-term computer consulting clients.

Never Stop Learning

If you think technical training is preventing you from getting the best clients, take time each week for training. Look at tutorials, resource kits and not-for-resale software. Break installations and review the setup process until you are more comfortable with the software.

Paying clients will be the key to long-term success for your computer consulting firm, so make sure you get the best ones to ensure longevity for your business.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg