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Monday, June 25, 2007

IT Consultants Can Save Their Clients from Creating Disaster

Professional IT consultants cannot afford to let clients buy the latest and greatest technologies unless they have an excellent reason. It consultants need to advise clients on the cost of buying cutting-edge technologies so they don’t make mistakes that can hurt their businesses.

The Newest is Not Always the Best

Sometimes buying cutting-edge technologies makes sense, but in general this type of purchasing technique can really put IT consultants’ reputation at risk. It can also eat away quickly at limited client budgets, which they will need in order to pay IT consultants their appropriate rates.

New Technology Instantly Loses Value

Buying the latest PC, regardless of whether it is a desktop, notebook or server is similar to buying a new car right at the beginning of the year. IT consultants’ clients will certainly get the fastest processor, the best storage capacity and the greatest support components, but they will pay huge premiums for being first in line to buy products. Clients of IT consultants that buy cutting-edge technologies can waste a lot of money on depreciation expenses.

As IT Consultants, You Have to Monitor New PC Purchases

PC purchases are rarely small, so as IT consultants, you have to watch your clients closely when it comes to PC purchases. Recommend bargains on last year’s model when appropriate. If clients save money, they will have more money to pay highly-skilled IT consultants to do major projects that can increase their business and efficiency more than any hardware purchase.

The Bottom Line for IT Consultants and PC Purchases

Keep on top of special promotions and PC bargains by looking at sites that offer frequent updates about the best affordable technologies. Sites like CNET Shopper, eBay and Tech Bargains can give IT consultants ideas and advice that can help their clients significantly.

Blogged by: Joshua Feinberg