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Monday, July 30, 2007

IT Consulting and an Introduction to the Sweet Spot

If you are going to work in the sweet spot of IT consulting, you need to have more skills than if you decide to work with micro businesses. Sweet spot IT consulting clients will have between 10 and 50 computers and are the ideal spot to focus your efforts and attention.

Sweet spot businesses typically will use Microsoft Windows-based systems and have between 10 and 100 employees. In U.S. Dollars, the annual revenue for these businesses will be from $1 million to $10 million. All sweet spot businesses have at least one dedicated server (instead of P2P networks).

The Sweet Spot and Your Hardware Skills

To work with sweet spot clients, you will need IT consulting skills required for the micro small business world, but also 8-10 other skills. You need to know server hardware such as multi-processor servers. You have to know about RAID, Zero One Five and how multiport communications applications adapters are used to set up remote access servers and serial port sharing. You should also know attached storage systems, network attached storage and some complex back-up solutions.

Additional Sweet Spot Skills

You also need to know about battery back-up solutions, routers, CSU/DSUs that connect you to telecommunications lines and some more sophisticated Y-5 hardware.

IT Consulting Networking Skills

With networking software, you have to know basic desktop software; but you also have to know how to do networking skills required for micro small business. For the sweet spot of IT consulting, you also have to know some popular server operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Small Business Server, Novell NetWare, Novell Small Business Suite and Linux.

The Bottom Line about the Sweet Spot

Keep your skills in check when you are starting to venture into the world of sweet spot IT consulting and make sure you have what it takes to fulfill these small business needs.

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