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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Computer Consulting and Micro Small Businesses

Those new to the computer consulting business often ask what they should do about smaller clients that have two to five PCs. Is there a problem with keeping micro small business clients, even when they are willing to pay an hourly rate and agree to be scheduled in when a computer consulting firm can make time? Many new to the industry don’t want to miss out on an opportunity for income before they get larger clients.

Ask Yourself, “Are Micro Small Business Clients Taking Too Much Time?”

The answer to this computer consulting question is based on time management. If you can fit these clients into your schedule, then you should. But you need to make sure you are leaving time for marketing activities – direct mail campaigns, follow-up phone calls, expos, seminars and other networking events.

You shouldn’t take all your free time during the week to provide service to micro small business clients, because they will most likely not grow in the next year or two.

Always Make Time for Marketing

Computer consulting professionals often complain that they spend so much time tending to running a store that they have no time left for marketing books and learning new business skills. To add to that, they then can’t find the time to get out and practice the skills learned.

The truth is, you simply need to devote time to marketing your computer consulting business and serving sweet spot small business clients.

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