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Monday, August 20, 2007

Computer Consulting and Hard Drive Replacement

Most of the time you will be dealing with computer consulting clients that have business-focused rather than technical backgrounds. Therefore many will not immediately understand concepts such as hard drive replacement.

In order to manage the expectations of your computer consulting clients, you need to educate them on how to format a hard drive, load the operating system, configure device drivers, load software applications, customize the operating system and restore data.

Computer Consulting Client Education

When you are a computer consulting business owner, you learn that hard drive replacement doesn’t just mean removing shrink wrap and installing the drive into the PC. But your clients might think the process is that simple, or they might think the OS files, drivers and software applications will already be available without any effort. Make sure you take a few minutes when you are talking about PC warranties to explain the real situation with hard drive installation to clients.

How Does the Vendor Deal with Hard Drive Replacement?

Your preferred PC vendors will have different ways of handling hard drive replacement under warranty, and you need to understand the policies. Find out what types of labor is involved and covered with desktop PC and notebook hard drive replacements under warranty.

Some vendors’ warranties state the hard drive needs to be physically replaced and operational and recognized by the PC hardware setup program. This type of warranty will mean the technician’s job is complete the moment the replacement hard drive is installed on your computer consulting client’s PC.

What is the Real Cost?

Many PC vendors are getting pressure financially to reduce support and warranty costs, so your computer consulting business clients are probably going to get fewer features than they got before. Hard drives for desktop PCs are only about $100 to $200.

You need your clients to understand hard drive replacement under warranty and to know that the replacement doesn’t cover substantial labor costs associated with replacement and restoration of the system. Your clients can outsource this work to your computer consulting business, but will risk paying $200 - $500 or more in labor just to get their computers up and running.

The Main Idea about Hard Drive Replacement

Recovering a crashed desktop PC hard drive can be really expensive in terms of soft costs, most of which will not be covered by the PC vendor’s warranty. Therefore, purchasing extended warranty coverage for entry-level desktop PCs often will not be worth the extra money for your computer consulting clients.

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