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Saturday, August 18, 2007

IT Consultant: Does Your Personality Pass the Test?

There are specific personality traits you need to have as an IT consultant. You can’t just have technical knowledge, or you will not be able to work well with clients, employers and vendors.

Do You Have Candor?

As an IT consultant, you have to be able to be truthful with people, even if the truth hurts. You need to be very confident in your solutions or people will not trust you. When you go out on sales calls and service calls or engage in networking events, you need to be fearless or people will take advantage of you.

Can You Deal with the Unknown and with Uncertainty?

As an IT consultant, you will have to be able to handle uncertainty. When you go into business for yourself, you are taking a risk, and you need to be able to deal with that fact.

Can You Make a Decision?

You need to pick and choose your battles when you are an IT consultant. You will have a lot of things to deal with when working with clients – particularly with long-term clients – and many will really grate on your nerves. You need to be able to step back and let things slide sometimes.

You will also have to know which prospects are wasting your time and which clients have become bad clients. Are you an IT consultant with time-sucking, energy-sucking prospects and clients? You shouldn’t be. Similarly, you need to be able to decide which employees and contractors you should hire to help you.

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