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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Selling Virtual IT to Small Businesses with Joshua Feinberg

For years, the concept of “virtual IT” has been growing into an important part of the small business world. As technology vendors focus more on relationships with small businesses and not just selling products, they have started to create programs that offer the opportunity to handle total business solutions that integrate IT resources completely into the growth and development of companies.

At the Computer Consulting Kit, we have been presenting the concept of virtual IT as crucial for years. An article appeared in a recent edition of Tech News World about the unmistakable trend to provide total solutions for small businesses quoting Joshua Feinberg on the growing importance of consulting firms – small business computer consulting firms and consulting firms for larger businesses – that stress relationships before products and commodities.

In the article Joshua stressed that, even though there are more resources being put into the virtual IT field, the diversity of the small business market makes designing technology and business solutions that work across the board is difficult. The discrepancy between how different professionals define “small business” also makes service challenging. Many vendors, in fact define small businesses as those with fewer than 10 employees, whereas others define them as any company with between 50 – 100 employees. However, Joshua stated that there is a need to really look at the differences between the businesses and what services they are providing as well as their industry in order to really get an idea of how to define them in terms of IT needs.

As Joshua has been stressing for years when advising small business computer consultants on ways to grow their businesses, “There is no one-size-fits-all solution because small businesses are extremely fragmented in their needs for small business technology support.”

He adds that in order for a small business owner to get the most from a virtual IT provider or any type of technology support vendor, the vendor must know the true business problems the client faces and not just the issues revolving around isolated hardware, software and peripherals.

The move towards a virtual IT universe for businesses of all sizes is obvious, and even large companies such as Dell, IBM and Best Buy are changing their business models to accommodate for companies and individuals in need of professional technology services that go beyond just products.

Feinberg believes that virtual IT is set to turn into the dominant model in the small business world and the business world in general and that outsourced computer consultants will be in charge of determining how to fit technology in with unique business needs.

For this full article about virtual IT and small businesses – which includes Joshua Feinberg’s quotes in their entirety and more information about virtual IT – visit the attached link.

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