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Saturday, November 24, 2007

IT Marketing: Direct Mail Pointers

Whether you decide to create IT marketing direct mail in the form of a letter, a flyer mailer, a big postcard or a regular-sized postcard, you need to focus on your headline and make it really eye catching. The same concept applies to your message.

When you know your prospects’ problems well and what they really want for their businesses, you can best target your IT marketing direct mail pieces.

IT Marketing: Benefits

You need to make your mailings very benefits focused in order to be successful. For example, you can say, “Learn how our computer consulting company saves dental offices $10,000 per year in saved expenses.” If you are mailing to other dental office managers, they will want to contact you to hear more! This means action on their part, and that you need to give them something to do.

You want to encourage them to request a free tape, report, consultation, needs analysis or something else of value that speaks to their points of pain. And then you want to deliver once they ask.

IT Marketing: Prospect Focus

Your direct mail needs to be specific about the benefits you offer. Avoid talking about “features,” and all the great things YOUR firm is. Get away from the “Me! Me! Me!” and talk about your prospects. You want to solve problems, not talk about how great you are when designing your IT marketing pieces. Most prospects don’t care which certifications you have or your associated vendor programs.

Prospects care about their problems and what you can do for them. So you need to make your IT marketing materials about benefits and prospects to get a good response.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg