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Monday, November 19, 2007

IT Audits and Your Prospects

IT audits are the next logical step when you go on an initial sales call with a prospect. Unless your prospects have an emergency that needs immediate attention, you have to try to sell IT audits to get to the next level with IT services.

Prospects may have a very specific concern that is bothering them, at which point you have a place to start and an advantage because you have a potential emergency. However, many times when you go on a sales call, IT audits and half-day technology assessments are a good suggestion.

If It’s Fast, It’s Free

You can propose a very abbreviated version of an IT audit where you go in for half an hour and offer clients a basic list of items to look at further. But when you start to spend more than half an hour, look at hubs, switches, how the Cat 5 stuff is laid out, etc. you are extending yourself beyond free IT audits.

Longer Assessments Need to Cost Money

Longer assessments need to be billable and sold as IT audits or tech assessments. You need to arrive at an acceptable rate for these types of situations.

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