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Saturday, November 03, 2007

PC Purchases: How Can CD-RW Drives Help?

Your clients might be thinking about PC purchases of desktops or notebooks. But they need to think about the compatibility with a CD-RW drive, which accompanies any operating system and also most other pieces of hardware.

When you commit to a notebook, you are typically going to have to use parts that only work with a specific brand, make and model. If your clients want internal CD-RW drives with their PC purchases, they will most likely need to buy a specific brand and model directly from the manufacturer.

PC purchases that involve desktops give clients more options for adding the CD-RW drive. Regardless, getting the drives bundled with the PC purchases is the easiest way to manage it.

Think Ahead with PC Purchases

Your firm may be letting go of short-term revenue by recommending bundled PC purchases, but in the long run, your clients will prefer paying hourly rates for sophisticated work and not general installs, etc.

When you have the CD-RW drives installed at the factory, you and your clients can be sure they will work properly with the PC and the operating system.

The Benefits of a Warranty and Tech Support

Any good PC vendor should be able to stand behind the configuration that comes with a bundled PC purchase, and this means it will all be supported when clients need to call tech support.

One-stop shopping offers a great way to define responsibility and eliminate your clients’ pointing fingers at different people involved in more complicated PC purchases. The bundled CD-RW drive will be covered under a warranty.

Also, the cost of upgrading from a standard CD-ROM drive to a CD-RW drive when done at the time of the PC purchases is going to be negligible.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg