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Monday, November 05, 2007

What's Your Computer Consulting Business Client Criteria?

If you are looking for high-quality customers and clients for your computer consulting business, you need to know some qualifying criteria.


A prospect/customer/client for your computer consulting business should be within a 30 – 60-minute drive from your location. Proximity is also important to the networking events you attend and any part of your marketing campaign.

Client Size

When you are trying to find prospects for your computer consulting business, you need to find businesses with 10 – 50 PC’s. The concept behind this is that the prospect should be big enough to need a real server, which typically means the company has 10 – 100 employees and usually $1 million - $10 million in annual sales. You will need this information to help you with marketing activities.

What Should Prospects Use?

Potential clients should have their own e-mail domain, so you will want to know how computer consulting business prospects get and send e-mails in your first meeting. Ideal prospects will usually have a dedicated server or internet access and therefore, more sophisticated IT needs.

Are Prospects Serious about IT?

If you encounter a prospect without a dedicated server or Internet access or if they have a P2P server, you probably want to keep looking.

The Main Idea about Computer Consulting Business Prospects

Any prospective client you are targeting for your computer consulting business should be devoted to supporting his/her IT assets.

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