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Saturday, December 01, 2007

IT Consulting: Micro Small Businesses?

The small business arena is really one of the best for IT consulting. But there are different small business sizes with many different needs. What do you need to know in order to provide services to micro small businesses?

Micro Small Businesses: A Definition

Micro small businesses in IT consulting have anywhere from 1 – 10 computers that usually use Windows operating systems. These companies usually have between one and ten employees and their revenues will be between $100,000 – a million annually.

The difference between micro small businesses and others in terms of IT consulting is that they don’t have a dedicated server. They are probably running a P2P server and are bringing you as an IT consultant in to help. You shouldn’t be confused about your skills in this arena. You will be able to start your IT consulting business easily by working with micro small businesses as a starting point.

Hardware for IT Consulting and Micro Small Businesses

You will need to know desktop PC support, notebooks, PDAs (palm-based) and Windows CD-based PDAs, printers, server set-up, dial-up modems, DSL and cable modems and how to deal with surge protection, data line protection and entry-level battery backup devices in order to work with micro small businesses in IT consulting.

Software for IT Consulting and Micro Small Businesses

Get to know the most popular desktop and notebook operating systems. But you will mostly use Microsoft Windows on the desktop, notebooks and on PDAs.

Micro small businesses will be looking for desktop office automation applications support, basic PC and notebook support on the family of Microsoft Office. They will also want to know about Intuits Quickbooks accounting software and the Best Software’s ACT management system.

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