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Monday, December 03, 2007

Computer Certification: Do You Need 20 Certifications?

A lot of consultants think that collecting every computer certification under the sun is an important part of running a successful small business computer consulting firm. This attitude could not be farther from the truth.

Small Businesses Aren’t Ahead of the Technology Curve

The majority of small businesses will not care about computer certification. They are typically about 12-18 months behind the technology curve, and there will not be a CEO or corporate entity recommending an upgrade on systems every 12 months for no good reason.

Outdated Small Business Technology

As a small business computer consultant, you will most likely be working with a lot of outdated hardware, software and peripherals. Some of your clients’ equipment will be fine, other pieces of hardware will need updates and upgrades. You should not put a lot of stress on computer certification because small business owners don’t typically keep up with bleeding-edge technology, which takes away early-adopter stress.

Do You Have Skills?

Skills are far more important than computer certification in small business consulting. Do people come to you for advice on computers? Do they ask for help with software and hardware and peripherals? Are people coming to you for help simply because you have created a reputation as the type of person that knows more about PCs, notebooks and software than the average person? Do people know you as a good resource for computer problems? If the answer to these questions is “Yes,” then you probably already have what it takes to make a great computer consultant.

Computer Consulting Skills Vary

Computer certification and the level of your computer skills don’t really matter. There is a place for you in helping small businesses with IT problems no matter what your experience or skill level.

Submitted By: Computer Consulting Kit