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Monday, December 17, 2007

IT Marketing and Trusted Business Advisors

If you want to succeed at IT marketing techniques that really get your name out there, you should try going through trusted business advisors. Small businesses look to these advisors for advice and put a great deal of trust in their recommendations. A referral from these experts can be worth a lot, whether they be accountants, lawyers or bankers.

How can you use trusted business advisors as part of IT marketing campaigns? Take an accountant for example. You can see if accountants need help with technology, and if you do a good job for them, they may recommend you to those that put faith in them.

Ask Your Accountant Questions

No matter what you do, you need to talk to your accountant about his/her computer problems and the computer problems of his/her clients. Accountants will typically get the following questions from clients:

1. “I need a good retirement account. Which vendors should I choose?”

2. “I’m finding it difficult to get health insurance. Who is good?”

3. “Where can I get a reliable checking account?”

4. “Where should I put my merchant account?”

5. “Do you know where I can find a good attorney? I’m closing on my house.”

Accountants often hear about clients’ financial, legal and computer needs. People trust accountants as a place to get good information about many small business needs, so they will be good people to use as part of your IT marketing campaign to get to the heart of prospects’ and clients’ problems.

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