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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Small Business Networking and Dedicated Servers

When you are dealing with small business networking needs, you have to remember that PC-based servers and LANs are fairly new technologies. You will need to be responsible for handling configuration, customization, security and maintenance for the clients’ appropriate networking tools.

Real Servers for Real Small Business Networking

Many times you will find a new small business client that claims to be perfectly satisfied with a P2P network, even though you know it is really causing a lot of issues. The truth is, Microsoft Windows P2P small business networking is no way to run a successful small business. Maybe it would work for a two- or three-person company, but these are not going to be profitable clients for you.

Clients Need Real Small Business Networking

Clients will come to you because they need a reliable and cost-effective small business networking solution. You know the critical nature of flawless data protection, maximized uptime and security. These issues cannot be short-cut. Your job is to convince your small business networking prospects – even the skeptical ones – that they are big enough to demand a dedicated server.

No Cutting Corners

When you start talking about network upgrades, small business clients will often get caught up in the concept of money spent. They don’t think about how their current investment can save critical time and money later in the life of their businesses. They can experience lost employee productivity, downtime and support costs when a quick and cheap fix does not stand up long term.

The Main Idea about Small Business Networking

Many clients don’t know they have a networking problem until they encounter problems. You need to show prospects and clients the value of dedicated servers and help them see their investment is worth it for long-term solutions.

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