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Saturday, January 05, 2008

IT Consulting: Use Proving Ground Projects

If you want to see whether or not you will get along with prospective IT consulting clients you need to test them out with proving ground projects – essential steps on the road to long-term agreements with clients.

What Are Proving Ground Projects?

Proving ground projects are your initial IT consulting projects with new customers that are not yet steady clients. They are your chance to prove you know your stuff, are dependable and easy-to-get-along with and offer value-filled services.

Proving ground projects in IT consulting are also a chance for customers to prove that they have reasonable expectations, are compatible and that the customer wants to pay for professional IT services at top rates.

Be Observant

If everything goes well during the proving ground project phase of IT consulting relationships, you are on the right track to having a new steady client. But you need to be really observant during this phase to make sure you are not dealing with a nightmare client. Often an IT consulting professional will be so excited at the idea of getting a new customer that he/she will not see obvious warning signs with prospects, including the following harbingers:

1. Prospects change their minds constantly;

2. They are late for meetings;

3. They verbally abuse employees;

4. They don’t believe the rules of your business or of IT consulting in general apply to them.

The Main Idea about IT Consulting and Proving Ground Projects

You can’t rush into relationships without deciding whether or not the prospects are a good fit by engaging in well-planned proving ground projects.

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