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Monday, January 14, 2008

IT Marketing and Attracting Your First Clients

When you have some clients on your roster, IT marketing becomes an easy task. But how do you get your first clients for your IT consulting business?

A Revisitation of the Steps to Opening Your Computer Consulting Business

1. Pick a startup date for your business.

2. Print business cards.

3. Tell everyone you know that you are opening a business.

4. Get some reference accounts.

5. Obtain referrals.

IT Marketing: Volunteer to Get Some Initial Clients

You can do a volunteer job that has a definite end point for an organization in your area in which you believe in order to get some initial clients. When you are talking to organizations, offer your services confidently:

“I’m going to do a great job helping you upgrade your PC or Web site. I would love it if in return at the end of the half day or day, you could write me a letter of reference and take some phone calls every once in a while from prospects to help me with a verbal reference. If you could also introduce me to three people active in your organization that are qualified and could benefit from my services, that would be wonderful.”

A director or office manager from an organization will know which of their board members regularly complains about computer programs. Volunteering can get you both testimonials and references.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg