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Monday, January 21, 2008

Virtual IT and On-Going Service

The most successful small business computer consultants work in the “virtual IT” industry. When you offer virtual IT services to your clients, you get steady business that benefits both you and your customers.

The Definition of Virtual IT

When you work in virtual IT, you essentially become your clients’ outsourced IT department. You’re not selling customers and clients products – PCs, routers, cabling, etc. – rather sophisticated technology-based solutions to major business problems. You become a “virtual CIO.”

Virtual IT gives you the flexibility of providing a total technical services program that gives small businesses exactly what they need without having to pay someone to do it full time.

Providing Services to Your Clients

In order to be successful at delivering virtual IT services, you need to know what typical solutions look like. Ask yourself a couple important questions:

“What are the traditional types of services I can sell to my current and future clients?”

“What other opportunities are out there for me?”

Virtual IT and Relationships

You need to keep adding value to relationships with your current customers and clients and also the future ones. You can’t just sell an initial project such as a network installation, etc. You have to provide in-going support and services to truly stand behind the work you do.

Don’t wait for customers to call you. Instead, offer virtual IT services on a regular basis and help clients avoid serious emergencies that will stall business and create stress for you!

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