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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Use Your Computer Consultant Business Experts to Conduct Data Backups

Many small business owners use their computer consultant business experts to conduct data backups, but a lot do not. Computer data backups are something everyone knows they need to do, but not all do them.

Not backing up can be really dangerous, which is why enlisting the help of a computer consultant business in your area is very important. You need advice about how to choose and maintain your computers and backup procedures. Without a full-time backup person, you need to make sure you have a good idea of what is involved in the process.

Make Sure to Monitor

You need to make sure, even without your computer consultant business experts watching, you test computer data backups and monitor log files. For maximum effectiveness, they need to be automated so every job is launched consistently and correctly. The computer data backup system also has to be monitored so it keeps working correctly.

Don’t “set it and forget it” when it comes to your computer data backup system. Make sure you follow advice from your computer consultant business and test now or cry later!

Test, Test, Test!

Whenever you install a new data backup system, you can’t just assume everything will work. You need to make sure you use your computer consultant business expert to help you restore folders and files from your backup media and make sure the data backup system is still working.
If you include a verify run with each backup job as part of your routine, preferably once a week, you will be able to make sure you keep important information protected.

Moving Parts and Open Design

If you are purchasing reliable, business-class computer backup systems, you may be wondering why all these precautions are necessary. The fact is, anything with moving parts is more prone to mechanical failure. Also, your backup device is open instead of sealed, so the inside of a computer backup data system may attract dust buildup very quickly.

Sample Restore Jobs and the Importance of Cleaning Your Tape Heads

You need to test a tape for a sample restore job and simultaneously clean the heads of the backup drive when necessary. Restoring 200-300 MB of data to a scratch directory and running a head-cleaning tape will take you 15-30 minutes and is invaluable. Make sure you restore data to an alternate server folder path so you don’t disrupt shared folders.

Make a Checklist

When you have a crisis, the most important thing to ensure is that you get the data back onto your system undamaged very quickly. When you build your computer data backup system, you need to be sure to keep records of your test procedures in the form of checklists. Documentation can also help with cross-training and to prevent panic during emergencies when stress levels are high. This can help your computer consultant business work more effectively.

Watch Your Log Files

On top of running test restore jobs you need to look closely at your computer data backup system log files regularly. When your backup system is installed, you need to familiarize yourself with log files when everything is working. That way, when something goes wrong, you and your computer consultant business can figure out the problem quickly.

Make Remote Monitoring and Tape Backup a Reality

Many computer consultant business experts set up log files so they automatically are emailed to small business owners daily. That way, consultants can keep track of potential problems with the data backup system. Even without the help of experts, you should be monitoring proactively at both a centralized business location and other remote locations.

You can set up an e-mail alias to make the computer data backup system e-mail log files to you automatically or sent to a second-in-command as well as an external computer consultant so everyone is on the same page.

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