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Monday, April 21, 2008

IT Marketing: Who Are the Decision Makers?

You have to know which decision makers you need to reach before you create a targeted IT marketing plan. How do you choose your decision makers?

First of all, if you target by a specific industry with your IT marketing campaign, knowing how to identify the decision makers will be easier than without targeting at all. When you know your niche, you will be able to choose trade groups, find lists, find conferences to go to and figure out major problems of your prospects.

So once you decide on your niche, how do you find a decision maker? What will the role and job title be for this type of person with your IT marketing efforts?

IT Marketing: Two Likely Contacts

In most cases with small businesses, there will be two types of main contact people. There will be the person you want to reach that signs the checks, purchase orders or contracts and purchase authorizations. This person is typically responsible for the profit and loss statement of the company. Sometimes this is the owner or a partner, especially when you’re dealing with small businesses.

The second important person to reach with IT marketing is the internal guru. This is the person that most people call when there are computer problems, even though handling computer problems are not this person’s main job. Often this person is an office manager or an executive or administrative assistant.

IT Marketing: When You’re in Doubt …

If you’re not sure who is who with small businesses, make sure you ask who wears which hat. Who makes major financial decisions? Who gets called when the laser printer jams or the Internet connection goes down? Who liaises with the tech vendor? If you can answer these questions, you’ll have a better idea about who you need to target with your IT marketing plan.

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