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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

IT Marketing: You Need Referrals

Referrals are an essential and strong part of your IT marketing plan. But how do you ask for them?

Ask a Big Question

What is the big question you need to ask clients when it comes to IT marketing?

“Do you know anyone else in your circle of friends, family members, business associates, colleagues, vendors, etc. who could benefit from our services?”

Never forget this question and get very used to asking it.

How Can Clients Spot Referrals?

Part of your IT marketing plan should be training clients to look for signs that someone they know would be good referral material. Who needs your services? As an example, your client might hear a friend, family member or colleague constantly complaining about slow computers or email being down. Make sure this client knows you appreciate referrals.

A Client Survey

You should be surveying clients at least once per year and asking them to list people they think might be interested in your services. You can also provide a statement stuffer to put in with your invoices that talks about your IT marketing referral plan and the kinds of businesses with which you work.

Rewarding Referrals

If you want to get even more referrals, you can start a formal referral program that rewards clients for referrals that turn into customers. What rewards can you provide? You can offer $100 credit on a client’s account, $100 gift checks, $100 to the charity of a client’s choice … get creative!

When you reward clients for the referrals they provide as part of your IT marketing plan, you can get great referrals. Ask for them often!

Added By: Joshua Feinberg