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Monday, March 31, 2008

IT Sales: Sell What You Know!

When you are engaging in IT sales and especially when you are selling to strangers, you can’t lead with products! Your point with IT sales is to sell you as a solution – “You, Inc.” – and sell your expertise.

How Can You Add Value to Solutions?

You can’t just sell ordinary products and rely on them to sell others on the true value of your company. And similarly, don’t sell only to customers that want to buy products and nothing else. When you don’t bundle in solutions and value-added services with product sales, you end up competing only on price. If you want to grow your company and be in it for the long haul, you need to figure out where, when and how to add value.

How can you change your whole attitude with IT sales so you are not reaching “customers,” rather potentially very long-term, high-paying clients that will need you for an extended period of time as an outsourced IT department? The solution is not in rock-bottom prices … it’s about being a specialist and not selling yourself as a commodity.

Your Expertise Differentiates You from the Pack in IT Sales

There are a lot of generalists in your area, but not a lot of specialists. You need to be a specialist and one of the few in your area (if not the only one!) that does exactly what you do. When you can do this, you put yourself in high demand and attract those that will want to pay top dollar for very specialized solutions.

Your Experience and Niche Determine High Rates

When you no longer have to deal with price-sensitive buyers, you can add to your margins, because your clients will expect to pay more for the value of your expertise.

Stop relying on products to drive IT sales … and start selling what you know!

Added By: Joshua Feinberg