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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tips for IT Training and Your Computer Consulting Business

Many computer consulting entrepreneurs wonder how much training they should have when they start to get clients. Do you get IT training first and then look for clients or learn as you go?

The answer it simple – do both at the same time!

IT Training and Getting Clients: Some Essential Tips

1. You want to be doing both client recruitment and skill acquisition at the same time. You just can’t take six months off to get your IT training done, because you will not be able to pay the bills when all is said and done. You NEED paying clients or you’re not going to survive.

2. IT training is still very important! You might sometimes wonder, because clearly relationships are so essential to your computer consulting business, why you need to focus on extra skills development in the beginning at all. If you don’t keep skills sharp, you will at some point stop being able to take on high-end projects and will not be able to get the accounts you need to develop long-term relationships that will sustain your business.

The key with IT training is BALANCE. Today we talked about IT training and your computer consulting business. To learn more about how you can balance IT training and client acquisition visit the attached link!

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